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Ms. Tri Hastuti Nn. Sandra Beauty [Marketing]


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Phone number of Ms. Tri Hastuti Nn. Sandra Beauty at Balikpapan

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Fax number of Ms. Tri Hastuti Nn. Sandra Beauty at Balikpapan


Balikpapan Regency Caribbean Blok W1 No. 19-20
Balikpapan 76115, Kalimantan Timur

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Authorized Distributor For Wolar Brand Ring Joint Gaskets
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Registration Date: Aug. 21, 2012   Last Updated: Apr. 07, 2015
Business Nature : Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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UNGGUL JAYA SAKTI STOREUnggul Jaya Sakti Stores sell Ring Joint Gasket Wolar USA Brand, Unitor Brand Product, Freon R134a Klea & R134a Dupont and a wide range of equipment and common needs in the mining industry and the oil and gas such as WD40 penetrant, C& C contact cleaner, Flexovit Grinding disc, Flexovit cutting discs, flap disc gr 60, Flap disc gr 80, Battery Energizer, Energizer flashlight light handfree, Yale padlock, Fast Orange Hand cleaner, Fenner products, Prestone OilBrake, 3M safety products, wire brushes KINIK, LOCTITE, Multimeter FLUKE 115, Nachi clear Masking tape, Masking tape brown Nachi, Nachi Paper Masking tape, Glue Alteco iron, iron Glue Dextone, brand Robinair air conditioning equipment, iron Saws Starrett, Magnaflux, Threebond, PYLOX, Silicone gel Sika, cotton rag white & color, Plastic Wrapping, Plastic Clip, Plastic Garbage, Gland Packing, gloves, Sand Paper, Grease, Jet lube, Compound, Molykote, Magnavis, Dowcorning, Rocol, Kopr-kote, MD Totco, Kolor-kut, etc.
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